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The museum's collections offer a special place in the collection of aeronautical photographs taken by Jean Dieuzaide from 1954 to 1972.
Acquired by the city of Blagnac at the end of the 2000s, more than 3000 photographic prints, negatives or slides retracing the history of Sud-Aviation and Aerospatiale companies.

Originally from the Toulouse region, he learned photography at a very young age thanks to his father. He began his career shortly before the Second War and distinguished himself under the pseudonym "Yan" during the Liberation of the city of Toulouse in August 1944. His portrait of General de Gaulle earned him public recognition, moreover. .
Passionate about model aircraft from his earliest childhood before becoming passionate about aerial photography, he also responded to commissioned work from Toulouse aircraft manufacturers.

Without ever losing sight of the artistic dimension of his art, he endeavors to restore everyday life but also the significant events of this great industrial adventure.

Two photographs are exposed in the reception hall of the museum, the entire collection will be available later.

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