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Saturday 2nd March 2024
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Experience speed at Mach 2.23: Come on board for Concorde Day at the aeroscopia museum!

The first commercial aircraft to exceed the speed of sound, Concorde has yet to be equalled! This year, to coincide with the Olympic Games and the arrival of the Blagnac half-marathon at the museum on 3 March, Concorde Day is focusing on the theme of speed! 50 years ago, on 26 March 1974, Concorde broke the speed record at Mach 2.23, an exceptional feat for a commercial aircraft.


This day is being organised in partnership with Cap Avenir Concorde, the Aerothèque and VirtuAiles, thanks to whom the museum will be hosting a time to meet the people who lived the Concorde story, and in particular Jean Pinet, Concorde's test pilot!

Concorde Day schedule

Thematic tour: Discover the secrets of supersonic speed

Schedule: 11am

Matthew Lord, a mediator at the aeroscopia museum, is offering a themed stopover dedicated to the Sound Barrier. He will be talking about supersonic flight and the design challenges involved, as well as the difficulties of exploiting this technology commercially.

Discussions with "les Hommes du Concorde"

Schedule: 2pm

Time: 1 h

"What was it like to fly Concorde?", "What was your day-to-day life like as a mechanic on Concorde?", these are the questions you can ask "les Hommes du Concorde" (the Men of Concorde) during a unique meeting:

  • With Jean Pinet, test pilot who was the first to break the sound barrier with Concorde on 1ᵉʳ October 1969.

  • In the presence of Dudley Collard, aerodynamic engineer and designer of the Concorde project and Michel Rétif, Concorde's first flight engineer and present in the crew of the 1ᵉʳ flight on 2 March 1969.


Guided tour: "Hot Ships: the fastest

aircraft in history"

Schedule : 3.30pm

Time : 1 h 30

Ever since the Bell X-1 broke the sound barrier for the first time in 1947, experimental and military aircraft have been pushing the limits, flying higher and faster. Have you heard of the X-15, a rocket plane that could reach into space? Or the SR-71 Blackbird, which crossed the Atlantic Ocean in less than two hours? How does Concorde compare with these planes?


Find out all you need to know about the fastest planes in history on our special guided tour!

Special "Concorde" storytelling tour

Schedule : 3.30pm

Time : 1 h


Embark on an unforgettable storytelling tour of Concorde with professional storyteller Céline Molinari. 

From 3 to 5 years old, discover the fascinating world of aircraft through captivating stories!



Price: €3.50 in addition to the admission ticket.


Kapla workshop : The builders of aero

- Special Concorde 

Schedule : 10am - 5.30pm

A fun and creative way to discover the world of aeronautics using the famous Kapla. From control tower to runways, planes, gangways and vehicles...


Build your own Concorde using Kapla planks!

Aeroclub Alpha-Sierra -
Take the controls of Concorde!

Schedule : 10.30am - 17pm

Who hasn't dreamt of piloting a Concorde? The Alpha flying club invites you to take the controls of your very own White Bird at Mach 2.23 speed, to reproduce the trip from Paris to New York, in virtual reality!


Special event rate: €10 (in addition to admission ticket - experience available without obligation to visit the museum)


Around the Concorde simulators

Schedule : 9.30am - 5.30pm

Come aboard the only Concorde simulator in France with the Virtu'ailes association. Find out more about the history and stages of the restoration project led by the association!


What's more, the Aérothèque volunteers are offering you an introduction to flying with their own flight simulator under Concorde 201.


Ecotone: "Paper, planes and it takes off"

Schedule : 2pm - 6pm 

Artist Guillaume Ruffaut accompanies the children in a cutting workshop to dress the Concordes in their most beautiful colours.


How would you dress your Concorde if you were running your own airline? Classic or modern? Discreet or pop? Personalise your aircraft to match your image!


  Visit of the Concorde 001 by

Cap Avenir Concorde

Schedule: 10am - 5.30pm

Cap Avenir Concorde invites you on an exclusive guided tour aboard the Concorde 001. Accompanied by true enthusiasts, embark on a journey to the heart of this flagship of aeronautical technology.


On the program: from captivating anecdotes to revolutionary innovations, every detail will reveal the incredible adventure that was the Concorde Project.


The library moves to the aeroscopia museum!

Schedule : 9.30am - 5.30pm

Take a short break from reading to discover the publications, books, archive documents and other media held at the Pierre Sparaco Aeronautical Resource Centre, and discover Concorde in a whole new way!


Vocal archives of the Concorde adventure

Schedule : 9.30am - 6pm

Take a step back in time with never-before-heard recordings from the era! Throughout the day, oral archives of the Concorde adventure from the museum's collections will be broadcast in the Airbus igloo.

*The museum reserves the right to cancel the service in the event of force majeure.

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