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  • The visit of the little explorers / small section of kindergartens

This visit, specially designed for the small nursery school section, offers little explorers a simple and fun discovery of the plane as a means of transport. In the first part of the participatory visit, the students discover through manipulations and exchanges with the mediator guide different means of transport, their name and their use and become more familiar with the plane. Thereafter, the visit leads them to get to know the A300B and its cabin better, and to meet at the foot of the planes to find their way in space.
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  • The visit of small explorers / medium and large section of kindergartens

This visit offers the same route as "Les petits explorateurs" and offers fun activities adapted to the middle and large section classes.
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  • Visit of budding travelers / class of CP, CE1, CE2

This circuit offers budding travelers discovery stopovers under the sign of the origins of aviation, the evolution of the aircraft over time (materials, forms, uses ...) but also life on board and the different parts from the plane. During the visit, the students will get acquainted with the fascinating world of aviation through exchanges with the guide mediator, manipulations, observations of experiences and with the visit of a life-size plane!

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  • All on board / classes from CM1, CM2, 6th

With the start of a visit under the sign of the origins of aviation and then the evolution of the aircraft over time (handling of materials, observation of different forms of aircraft in connection with their uses, etc.) the students are directly immersed in the fascinating world of aeronautics. The circuit then leads the students to a more experimental discovery with the visit of an airplane and the observation of small simple experiments to approach the airplane as a technical object. To end the visit, the group heads to the “Backstage travel” thematic area to understand the functioning of an airport area and the articulation of operations related to the preparation of aircraft.

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  • Aviation technology / classes from 6th to 3rd

Through this visit, the students discover the plane through technology: what types of engines? How to supply energies on board? With what materials to build an airplane? How does an airplane fly? How to ensure life on board? Using different devices such as the Eole, the A300B, the Super Guppy or even the real Concorde "technological laboratory", the guide highlights different technologies and aeronautical principles, before explaining how these have evolved by adapting to the socio-economic context while keeping the safety and performance of air transport as an objective.

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  • History of the XXth century seen from the sky / classes of 3rd and high schools

This visit proposes to approach History in a different way, by taking the plane as the main character and by explaining in what the aviation had a major role during the XXth century. Thanks to the historic fresco, models and planes from the collection, students will discover key events or periods in history, such as the First World War, the Interwar period, the Second World War and even the construction of Europe.

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