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Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter lands at the museum 


H'chu apenkee (hello) young Jedi!

We are pleased to announce the arrival in our collection of the X-Wing ship Starfighter from the Star Wars universe. Entirely built in Lego bricks, this life-size starfighter is made of 1,584,900 bricks and will be displayed among the hall. measuring 10m × 10m, for 3.4tow, it took 1,750 hours of construction.

Why is the Star Wars X-Wing part of the aeroscopia museum collection?

An emblematic showcase of Toulouse aeronautics, its history, its culture and its professions, the aeroscopia museum is also a center for the approval of scientific, technical and industrial aeronautics culture in the past, present, and future. The great adventure of aviation in all its uses, from the 1950s to the present day, is indeed the major focus of our collection, which does not count any less than 10 experimental aircraft.

Aviation is presented in all its missions : commercial, tourist and leisure, military, scientific and experimental aviation. All that was missing was the imaginary ship!


With the arrival of the X-Wing in Lego bricks, we want to highlight a more playful aspect of aviation. This saga, relating to science fiction and more particularly to Space Opera, arouses many reflections on history, military strategies and future technologies.

Moreover, the famous director Georges Lucas was strongly inspired by military aviation to design the X-Wing, as well as the famous Battle of Yavin which led to the destruction of the Death Star. All this will be to be discovered alongside our guides during our "Embarquement immédiat". 

How to access the Star Wars X-Wing cockpit?

Fans of the Star Wars universe, Lego bricks, and aeronautics can sit at the controls of the X-Wing from 2:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. from 21 october to 29 october.


Without prior reservation – Tickets sold only at the museum reception. Paid access: museum entrance fee + €3 (to be paid at the museum reception). 


Free for children from under 6 years old who should be obligatorily accompanied (access to the cockpit, low seat). The accompanying person will have to pay 3€ to access the cockpit.

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